Posted on Jan 22, 2014

After having a 3D file available either from a standard photo or through a 3D Scan for subsurface laser engraving, it was also possible to make it available to customers either as a windows screensaver, or for Smartphones.

Faceworx App for Android and IOS

The whole service was easy: Within Voxelworx Light, it was just a click to upload to our servers the 3D file and print a unique PIN & ID which could then in turn be entered again by the customer in their smarthpone app, which was freely available on Google Play Store and Apple Itunes Store, to download their very own and unique interactive 3D File.

Even though a lot of people asked for this, in the end, the interest was very low, and the up- and downloads of such files was far below expectations. The costs to keep up this service is high: Upgrades to Windows, IOS and Android made it necessary to also regularly update the respective Apps.

With the latest IOS Update from Version 6 to 7 (end of 2013) it happened again, the Faceworx App was not compatible any longer. Users could not enter their PIN and ID to download the file (As of today, the Android App and Windows Version still functions fine)

Due to the above mentioned reasons, we will be shutting down the up- and download service per January 31st. Android and IOS Apps will be removed from Google Play and Apple Itunes Store soon after.

Shutdown of the Upload and Download Service

This means that per February 1st you will not be able to upload any further Faceworx 3D files, and your customers will no longer be able to download these files.

Thank you for your understanding