Frequently Asked Questions

Account related / General questions

I lost my password, how do I get a new one?

currently we do not have any automatic password reset function. Please drop us a line via Email at and we’ll be happy to set up a new password for you. Please print your password and keep it in a safe place. Just saving your password in your browser isn’t considered a safe method.

I am new to this site, how can I use your 2D to 3D Service?

Welcome and thanks for your interest. Drop us a line via our contact form, we’ll be happy to set you up quickly, and a free sample is your welcome gift.

Can I access your platform via an API (Application Programming Interface)?

Yes, you can. An API is available. Until we are making the API documentation publicly available, you can contact us directly via Email to learn more: We even have a Magento Plugin, that we may make available to you, if needed. The Magento Plugin allows you to send photos of incoming orders directly through to our platform for Clipping and 2D to 3D Conversion Service. When a File is ready, The Magento Plugin will update the order status.

The file upload does not work, what to do?

At this moment the file upload works with flash, so you need the flash plugin installed in your browser. You can get and install the flash plugin for free here:  It is also recommended to use an up to date browser, we recommend to install the mozilla firefox browser, which you can get here:

What file formats do you accept?

Simple Answer: JPG! The JPG File format is simply the best, if it comes to photos. Any digital camera or photo Editing Software such as Photoshop or the free and open source photo editing software Gimp can output the JPG File format.

How is it possible that 'photo B', that I uploaded after 'photo A', has already been completed, whereas 'photo A' is still in progress?

This behaviour is something absolutely usual and nothing we can avoid. In order to provide a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround time maximum (or even 6 or 3 hours for preferred and express service) 7 days a week, we have many 3D graphic artists around the globe working on our platform. Even if you upload photo C and photo D at the same time, photo C may be automatically distributed to graphic artist 1, whereas photo D may be edited by graphic artist 2. Both graphic artists may have different working speeds – Just remember: We guarantee a 24h turnaround time for standard service, 6 hours turnaround time for preferred service and a stunning 3 hour turnaround time for express services (extra charges will occur).

I am not happy with the result, what can I do?

If you’re not happy, you should exactly identify what is not up to your expectation. Then you can click on the button REWORK REQUEST next to your job, and ask our graphic artist to correct any errors. Please be as precise as possible, so that the graphic artist is able to undertake the desired corrections. Please make sure to not upload the same image again, as it will most likely be routed to another graphic artist who will then start all over from scratch, not knowing that another artist has already done the job.

There is a problem with the file, I can not open it

Even though it is rare, it may be possible that a file didn’t download correctly, or similar. First try to download the result again, if it still does not work, Click on the button REWORK REQUEST next to your job, and identify that there is a technical problem with the file. The graphic artist will re-upload the file.

Payment related questions

When do I have to pay?

All payments are required in advance. For 2D to 3D conversion for laser engraving, you can not upload any pictures unless you have credit left on your account. For the creation of files for 3D Printing, you can ask for a free quote, but must make an advance payment before you can accept and confirm the job.

how much do I have to pay?

For 2D to 3D conversion for laser engraving we kindly ask you to pay minimum 80 EUR / 80 USD onto your account, in order to keep administrative costs low. For 3D printing services please pay minimum the amount that the 3D artist has quoted to you.

how can I pay?

via Wire Transfer or via Paypal. Our Paypal Account is Please mention your name/email address and ‘WeMakeYour3D Prepaiment’ as a reference, so that we know from whom and for what the the paiment is.

2D to 3D (for 3D laser engraving) related questions

Can I get a sample?

Yes you can! We’re happy to provide you with a free sample of our 2D to 3D Conversion Service. Just send us your photo together with the name of your laser manufacturer as well as the desired file format (CAD or DXF). We may also need to know the desired point density in X/Y and Z . (If you don’t know what this means, please ask your laser manufacturer). Point density, may also be referred to as resolution, depends on the wavelength of your laser (typically 1064nm or 532nm), the lense you use to focus the beam as well as the beam quality of the laser. To get your free sample, contact us first through our contact form, after we have replied to you, please send your photo. As an additional info: “Free Sample” means that it is a free example of our work. Send us a photo of yourself or your close ones, please DO NOT send us real customer orders! Test us first, then, once you are happy and we have set you up, you may start with actuall customer’s photos.

How can I give you some additional instructions for my image

You may not give additional instructions as to how our graphic artists should treat/edit/model an image. This is for a simple reason: Our graphic artists will edit and model your image so that it comes close to reality. Any additional instructions could either be misinterpreted, misunderstood or even confuse the graphic artist. If you want to define which parts of a photo belong to the main motive and do not belong to the background, simply draw a red line around those objects that you want to have modeled. Cropping the image and removing excess borders also helps our graphic artists to focus on your main object.

I want the car in the back also to be modeled in 3D along with the two people in front, how can I tell you to do this?

Please use your favourite Photo Editing software, such as the free Gimp for example, to draw a red line around anything that you would like to have modeled. This is the only accepted method of telling our graphic artists what parts of a photo should be modeled in 3D

What file formats will I get back?

That depends on what you ordered. For our standard 2D to 3D Conversion Service from a single photo for laserbusinesses, you’ll get a  3DC file back from us. That’s Vitro’s proprietary file format that you will be able to convert yourself in a ready-to-laser point cloud with a piece of software called Voxelworx light, that we’ll provide to you free of charge. The advantage by doing this is that you decide yourself what point density you require, and you can re-size the file for different glass cubes as per your wish at no extra cost. Du to some requests from customers however, we are thinking about providing a service where you can get directly a CAD or DXF point cloud file back from us.

How fast is your service?

Upload your photo, and you’ll get your 3D image for laser engraving back within 24 hours. Need it a little faster? No problem, chose “preferred” or even “express” service (extra charges!) and you’ll get your 3D files back within 6 hours for preferred, or within 3 hours for our express service. And the best is, this is applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

What happens with the background of a photo when you model it in 3D?

Modelling a flat photo into a 3D image is a difficult and time consuming task. Doing this also with anything in the background of a photo, such as the sky, clouds, trees, buildings or whatever, would even be more time consuming (thus more expensive). As generally speaking the final result is much more beautiful without any disturbing background, our graphic artists generally remove any unwanted background.

What happens if you do not keep your 24h, 6h or even 3h timeframe?

If we don’t keep the promised timeframe, do not download the job and tell us that we were late, we will not charge you! Please make sure to not download the job, as we would assume that you accepted the file anyways.

You returned my job after 22 hours, but I found an error in the file, can you still keep the 24h timeframe?

This would be the only and very rare exception where we mostly can not keep the 24h timeframe. If you’re not happy with the file, or if there is a technical problem, please report it ASAP, and we will correct it ASAP, however we can not promise that corrections will take place within the original guaranteed timeframe. Sorry!

3D Printing related questions

Can you create a 3D file that will work with my xyz 3D printer?

Absolutely! Even though we do not have a standard process for it, we can still provide you with a 3D file created from your images, that will print on any 3D printer, you just need to tell us what kind of 3D printer you are using. Most Printers will accept the STL format, (Makerbot, Form 1, B9 Creator …) and others require a textured OBJ file (full color 3D printer from ZCorp for example).

How fast is your service?

Upload your job description, sketches and/or photos, and one of our talented graphic artists will give you a quote. You can then accept or decline the job. With the quote, the 3D designer will tell you how much time it will take to model your job (as this depends heavily on the complexity and level of detail of the 3D model to be created). Once you accept the job, the clock will start ticking. If you have a deadline for the file to be completed, you can tell us in the job description.

Will I get quotes also on the weekend?

The 3D design team responsible for the 3D printing section of this site only works monday through friday.

Clipping related questions

What is Clipping?

Clipping is referred to as removing unwanted background in photos and images. We do provide this service: Upload your photo, and within 24 hours you get your photo with removed background in PNG Format back.

What file format do I get back after the background of my photo has been removed (Clipping Service)?

Since JPG does not support transparency, and since this is the goal, to have the background of any photo transparent, we’ll save your photo with any removed background in PNG Format. PNG means “portable network graphics” and is somewhat like JPG, but does support transparency and alpha channels.

Voxelworx light software related questions

What's this Voxelworx light all about?

Voxelworx light is a software that you’ll need and that you’ll get free of charge from us when you are using our 2D to 3D conversion services for 3D subsurface laser engraving services. Read more here

Click here to learn more

Yes there is! contact Vitro ( to learn more

What's this 'license system all about?

The Software is created and sold by Vitro Laser Solutions. LOOXIS has the right to sublicense the software. The License system is used to protect the software against unauthorized use. Learn more here.

The software is extremely slow, what can I do?

 We recently (30th Jan. 2014) noticed that Voxelworx light, 64 bit version may be very slow with certain system configuration. If that is the case, please uninstall the 64bit version and reinstall the 32bit version. The problem should be solved with the next update of the software.If you are still having trouble with the software either being very very slow, or the software does not function at all, with an error message related to your graphics card, please proceed to the Ressources page (you must be logged in to access it) and download the GL_Info.exe from “Troubleshooting” Section. Once downloaded, please run the tool. If successful, the tool will tell you to see the clipboard for results. This means that an information about the graphic card has been saved to your clipboard. Open your mail software and paste the content of the clipboard by pressing CTRL+V on your keyboard into the mail. Please send this mail to us with a brief but precise description of the error that you are encountering. We also need to know whether you have the 32bit or the 64bit version installed.

Other questions

I would like to do the 2D to 3D Conversions myself, how can I buy your software?

You should know that a 1-Click, easy to use, 2D to 3D Software does not exist as such. Therefore we unfortunately do not have any software available that we could sell to you. The softwares we use for the 2D to 3D Conversions are standard 3D Software packages such as Zbrush, 3D StudioMAX, Cinema4D and even Blender.