It all starts with a simple photo.

Just upload the photo in jpg format for example, and within 24 hours maximum you’ll get a beautiful 3D image back, ready for download through this platform.

If 24 hours maximum is too long for your impatient customers, just select the preferred or express service, and you’ll have your 3D image back within 6 hours (preferred) or within 3 hours (express).

The timeframes of 24 hours, 6 hours or 3 hours are guaranteed, if we miss it (this hardly ever happens) you’ll get your money back! The guaranteed time frames are regardless your timezone! No matter if you reside in Boston, if you are in Berlin or in Beijing, our talented skilled

The 3D image, which you will be able to download is a 3DC file format, which is a proprietary format of Vitro Laser Solutions, and which allows you to re-size and create a CAD or DXF ready-to-laser pointcloud file in your desired size, resolution and quality. The software for creating a CAD or DXF pointcloud out of the 3DC file is called Voxelworx light, and will be provided to you free of charge.

The best thing is, the platform is conceived in a way, where all your files are well organized and categorized by status. So everytime you log in to the platform, you’ll see at a glance whether your photo is waiting to be routed to one of our highly skilled designers, whether a designer is already working on it, or whether your file is ready for you to be downloaded again.

Once you downloaded it, it’s status will be “Downloaded” and it will be saved for another 60 days for you to download, after that your file will be deleted.

If you accept orders through an online shop, you can hook up your shopsoftware to automatically transfer files into our platform through our API