Voxelworx is a powerful tool for preparing 3D Data for subsurface engraving. The software has been created and is maintained by Vitro Laser Solutions. There is a “full” version named Voxelworx, which includes some extended functionality, and there is a light version, respectively called “Voxelworx light.”

Screenshot of Voxelworx Light

LOOXIS has received the right to sub-license Voxelworx light.

So if you are a customer of our 2D to 3D conversion service for 3D Laser Businesses, you’re entitled to use one copy of Voxelworx light free of charge, as long as you are regularly making use of our service.

With Voxelworx light, you can open and process the 3DC files that you get returned through our platform. Processing the files means that you can crop, zoom , rotate an image (even though this is something that should be done prior to uploading your 2D picture to the platform), then resize and convert it to a pointcloud in either CAD or DXF format according to your specifications.

Specifications that can be configured are quality-relevant issues such as Point-density in X/Y and Z, Gain and Brightness and not to forget the amount of layers.

This means that no matter what kind of Laser you’re using, whether it’s a green (532nm) an infrared (1064nm) laser is, whether you’re using a f=100 lense or any other one, you have full control of any quality settings for your pointcloud.

If at this point you don’t know what we’re talking about, ask your laser manufacturer or get a decent laser system from Vitro

How to install Voxelworx light and it’s software license

The new and updated software and license installation instructions (as per January 22nd, 2014) has been moved to this page.

Do not install the software until step 3 (see below)!

  1. STEP 1 – Identifying your computer for license purposes
    You’ll get from us a small executable file named LCG.exe. This is a tool that will read some hardware IDs from your computer to be able to identify your computer. Once you’ve received that tool from us by Email, unzip it (if it’s zipped, which it most likely should be) with your favourite Zip-Tool such as 7Zip, put it anywhere on that computer, that you’ll be using Voxelworx light with, and than run it (“running it” means executing the file by doubleclicking it, for example). It will read some hardware IDs and then calculate a license code, that will be unique to your computer, the tool will also inform you about the hostname of that computer. We need both informations: The License Code and the Hostname. Just click on the “copy” button in the LCG tool and paste both informations into the form that is provided here [LINK TO LCG FORM]For those of you that are concerned about your privacy: The hostname and License Code do not tell us anything about you or your computer. The information is just a code based on your hardware, and unique to your hardware, to prevent unauthorised use of the software.
  2. STEP 3 – We’ll set up your license
    Once we have your License Code and hostname, give us 1-3 business days to link this information with your customer account onto our license server, once you have installed Voxelworx light, it will call up once per month to our license server and identify itself with the license code. If there is a positive match with the code we have on file from you (step 1), then the free license to use the software is granted. Should you want to switch computers, just restart with step one, telling us the new license code and hostname of your new computer. Once we have received your info and updated our license server, we’ll confirm it and you can proceed to step 3.
  3. STEP 3 – Installing the Software
    Now is a good time to fire up Voxelworx light. Download the installer [Link to download Voxelworx light] and run it (Again: running it means to doubleclick the installation file).
    IMPORTANT: When it comes to the following window, that asks you which registration mode you want, you must select “LOOXIS Mode”. The Vitro Mode is if you purchased the software and have a dongle or a license key, the LOOXIS Mode is the right mode if you are a LOOXIS Customer. When you’re done installing the software, proceed to step 4.
  4. STEP 4 – Starting the software for the first time
    Start the software. If you’re starting the software for the first time, it will tell you, that “there is no license for this computer” and it will ask: “do you want to renew your license?” Don’t worry, that’s normal, since you have just freshly installed the software. If you performed step 1 correctly, we have confirmed the registration of your license on our license server in step 2, and you are good to go, meaning you can safely click on “Yes” – Make sure that you really correctly performed step 1, and that you have a working internet connection, as otherwise your system may self-destruct. Eh no! don’t worry, that was just a joke.
  5. STEP 5 – Getting used to the software
    The software is very easy to use – but as for everything new, you’ll have to get used to it first. Once you know how to operate it, the whole process is very easy, quick and user friendly. To learn how to use Voxelworx light, please watch the Video Tutorials [LINK TO VIDEO TUTORIALS]. At first, everything may seem overwhelming, but trust us, being able to use the software correctyl will give you great freedom in getting your files ready to laser, and it will allow you to output a stunning quality that your customers will love.