3D is 3D, but since within the 3D Laser Engraving industry Most files are actually only 2.5D or 180 degree models (no backside), we explicitely say “full 360° Models” if we want to talk about actual real 3D files. There is still a difference between different options, such as what kind of 3D format is required (STL, OBJ, CAD… just to name a few), the level of detail and whether it is a hollow (empty) file or whether it has inner structures. Additionally some people are happy with just the 3D  structure, others require also the 3D file to be overlayed with texture.

However brief: We can do it all for you.

Once you have an account with us, you can post/upload your project in order to get a quote.

This is how it works:

  • 1) Click on “Create new Job”, the following form appears. Enter a project name, a deadline (if any), what kind of project it is (modeling from scratch or modify an existing 3D file) as well as a brief description of the project. The more precise you are, the better. Tell us what filetype you require (STL, OBJ…) and whether you need your model to be textured or not. Last but not least you can upload a sketch, or one or more photos. Again, the more precise you are with your inquiry, the better the output will meet your expectations. Here’s a screenshot of what the form looks like: Screenshot of 'Create new Job'
  • 2) Within a few hours, one of our 3D graphic artists will evaluate your inquiry, and post on offer directly on the site.
  • 3) You can now accept the offer, or discard it. If you accept the offer, we will require your payment, via paypal for example. Once accepted, the 3D Designer will start to work on your project.
  • 4) After a short time (within your deadline), your 3D File will be available for download.