If you have just installed Voxelworx Light on a new PC you will need a License for it to run. Our regular customers will get a free license from us. Please follow the installation instructions as described here, then come back to this page to complete the license request form.

Make sure to click the “Copy” button and then the CTRL + V keys on your keyboard to paste the code into the form below, by using the copy button, you are making sure that you are copying the full ID without leaving some letters behind.

Please enter the additional information as required below.

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Your Email (preferably the Email you also use to login into WeMakeYour3D.com (required!)

Copy and Paste the 32 capital letters (no spaces, no numbers) of the LOOXIS Hardware ID here, as it is given to you by software dialog (required!)


Your Computer's Description, i.e. 'Jon Doe's Office PC3' (used to identify your computer later on if needed) (required!)

Are you registering a new license or updating an existing one?

Wait for us to confirm to you that your ID has been entered into our database (This may take up to 24 hours during weekdays).