Posted on Jan 22, 2014

All (aka “the Relay”) Customers using the 2D to 3D Conversion Service on a regular basis for their 3D Laser Business, are entitled to use the Voxelworx Light software from Vitro Laser Solutions.

Since the converted 3D files are offered in the proprietary 3DC file format, you are able to use Voxelworx light to resize, crop your 3D file and even edit the texture image before converting it into the CAD Pointcloud file in your very own quality settings. More information about Voxelworx light can be found here.

Screenshot of Voxelworx Light

The Voxelworx light software is made available to you free to use as long as you are regularly using our 2D to 3D conversion service. The software is therefore protected via a flexible licensing system.

This afore mentioned software license system will now be updated to a whole new routine in early 2014. We will be making available new installers of Voxelworx light, that can be installed parallel to any older versions, in a few days. Please make sure to download and install the new version as soon as possible, since the older versions with the old license system will cease to function in a few weeks time. The exact dates will be announced on this page soon.

Once you have downloaded the new versions, you need to follow a few simple steps to  get your copy of Voxelworx light up and running.