Posted on Aug 29, 2013…

… This is the new name and home of our popular “2D to 3D Service,” also known as “Faceworx Service,” “the Relay,” or the “Upload Platform.” The 2D to 3D Faceworx Service is aiming at Professionals and Businesses owning a 3D subsurface laser engraving system, either from Vitro Laser Solutions or any other manufacturer of similar equipment.

Our Clients, 3D Laser Photo Shops and Businesses used to scan portraits of their customers at their local booths with 3D scanning technique, to then create 3D images in glass. In the past few years endusers are demanding more and more to be able to have 3D images created out of standard photos or snapshots.

Since November 2007 LOOXIS is providing the conversion of standard 2D photos into a 3D image as a service: The laser photo booth uploads a standard photo to our upload platform and within 24 hours maximum the 3D file is ready for download and laser subsurface engraving.

Since 2007, we are satisfying the growing demand and growing client base for 2D to 3D services through our constantly updated Relay platform. However not only 2D to 3D conversions are part of our service, we also started to provide full 360 degrees 3D file modeling from scratch, and are providing photo services such as clipping (removing unwanted backgrounds) or photo enhancements.

The next step for a better service is a new Name and a new Home:

This is the first post after the CMS has been set up. We still need to style the CMS and move the platform from it’s old, complicated and long URL ( to it’s new URL right here at and announce the name change officially. This will happen some time soon.